WATCH: Congresswoman Shames Biden Admin For Negotiating Illegal Immigrant Payments That Would Be More Than What We Give To Families Of Our Fallen Heroes

Rep Virginia Foxx (R-NC) knocks it out of the park with this speech on the floor of congress. The congresswoman asks “what is the Biden administration thinking?” In regards to the reported $450K payments that the DOJ is negotiating to give to the families of illegal immigrants.

“For a parent and child, the payout increases to $900,000. To put this in context, if a service member is killed in action, their next of kin receives an insurance payment of $400,000. What this means is that the Biden administration will pay illegal immigrants more than the families of America’s fallen heroes.”

“That fact alone is repulsive. These people broke the law by illegally entering our country, and now they’re about to receive a payout from the government. That is the kind of welfare mentality that’s corrupting this country and will do nothing but encourage more illegals to try to enter our country.”

“Shame on President Biden and his administration.”

Foxx went on to thank the great Military families of this country and slam the Democrats for rushing through thousand page bills which no one can read full of socialist tax and spend projects that the American people don’t want.

“Madam Speaker, if I laid over 1500 pages of text in front of you right now, would you be able to tell me quickly what’s on every single page? If the answer is no, that’s not surprising.”

“That’s exactly what happened last week, when the majority decided to drop the text of the massive socialist tax and spending package at a moment’s notice. Does this sound familiar? It’s what happened when House Democrats passed Obamacare, and nobody had time to read its text, either.”

“Although Republicans have made an earnest effort to read every page, it’s the same irresponsible tactic of passing a bill to find out what’s lurking beneath its pages. Madam Speaker, this process is making a mockery of the People’s House, and it’s downright shameful. It’s time to stop it.”