(WATCH) Covid Passport Protestors Attempt To Breach Parliament In Bulgaria (VIDEO)

Bulgarian police have prevented an effort by activists protesting the country’s ongoing anti-coronavirus restrictions to gain entry to the country’s parliament building. Four policemen were hurt, and numerous demonstrators were detained as a result of the protest.

On Wednesday, hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the Bulgarian parliament building in the country’s capital, Sofia.

The demonstration, organized by the nationalist Vazrazhdane (Revival) party, was held to express opposition to the country’s ongoing anti-coronavirus regulations, which included the implementation of a COVID passport system by the government.

The demonstrators were seen waving Bulgarian flags and holding banners with messages such as “I want a normal life,” and “Hands off our children.” The crowd was videoed chanting “freedom, freedom”, as well as other phrases.

Fighting broke out between the crowd and law enforcement personnel as the protestors attempted to gain entry into the parliament building, pushing back on the police line that was protecting the building. Protesters were unable to enter because the parliament’s security had closed the doors and barricaded the entrance with tables from the inside.

Minor scuffles were said to have broken out within the legislature as a result of the effort to breach the building. According to reports, an MP from the Vazrazhdane party attempted to remove the tables and unlock the doors in order to allow the demonstrators to enter the parliament building, claiming that the mob was within its rights to do so.

According to the country’s Ministry of Interior, four police officers were hurt during the protests outside the building.  It appears that several demonstrators were detained during the event, video footage suggests.

The country’s Prime Minister, Kiril Petkov, expressed his willingness to go to the parliament square, saying he would be “happy” to speak with the demonstrators. However, Petkov is currently in quarantine since a close contact of his had COVID-19.

Petkov said the health pass system will not end but added, “if there are people from their protest who are known to have professional qualities, we will be happy to hear their ideas for a more constructive way to manage the Covid crisis.”

The country has recorded approximately 800,000 Covid-19 infections, with more than 31,700 fatalities, since the start of the pandemic. While the numbers are substantially lower than those recorded by the worst-affected countries throughout the world, the per capita rate is high for a country with a population of around seven million people. The country is currently experiencing a fresh wave of coronavirus infections, with the number of new infections each day hitting a record high of 7,062 on Wednesday.

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