WATCH: Crybaby Liberals On Twitter Are Outraged At Actor Vince Vaughn For Shaking President Trump’s Hand At College Football Championship Game

Posted 1.14.2020 by Steeve Strange
Actor Vince Vaughn shakes President Trump’s hand

Actor Vince Vaughn faced liberal outrage after he was seen talking to President Trump at the College Football National Championship Game last night.

Vaughn’s conversation with Trump caused the so-called “tolerant” left on Twitter to call for Vaughn to be canceled.

One Twitter user named Hattori Hanzo said, “Never liked Vince Vaughn anyways, now I really can’t stand him.”

Another Twitter user simply wrote, “No more Vince movies for me.”

Many are struggling to understand why “woke” liberals are so shocked and outraged because Vaughn has been openly Republican for the past decade.

Vaughn has been known to support libertarian-leaning candidates in the past, such as former congressman Ron Paul and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

President Trump drew lots of applause from the crowd as he entered the football stadium alongside First Lady Melania Trump.



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