WATCH: D.C. Protestors Riot After Officers Take Down Armed Suspect (VIDEO)

Chief Peter Newsham of the D.C. Police Department reported, “One of the officers discharged his firearm. We have what we believe to be an adult male that was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead. And we have recovered two guns from scene of the crime.”

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A news reporter stated, “Police say this happened around 3:50 P.M. this afternoon. They were called to this area after uniformed police officers had information that there were guns in the area and the police say that’s what they were looking for and that’s what they had.”

The D.C Police Department released body cam footage that reveals key moments during the incident.

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Black Lives Matter surrounded DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s home and chanted for justice or ‘they will burn it down’.

Protestors chanted, “If we don’t get no justice! You don’t get no sleep!”

They were singing, “If we don’t get it-. Burn it down!”

Protestors harassed police and media in D.C. outside of the police precinct.

An unidentified Fox 5 News reporter was seen standing while a BLM activists appeared to be yelling into a megaphone.

A man had an exchange of words with a BLM protestor and he said, “We own this land.”

The BLM protestor responded, “No we don’t! The White man does! The White man does! We don’t own the land we in. We only own the houses that we live in! What are you talking about!? What do you want to share with me, sir? What you need to share with me!”

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