WATCH: Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson MOCKED For Her Religious Views By Atheists And Leftists (VIDEO)

Posted 9.24.2019 by Cameron Shizznit

Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson powerfully defended her religious views on MSNBC after being mocked.

Williamson was asked a question regarding a tweet that she later deleted, in which the Democratic presidential candidate suggested that the power of prayer could turn Hurricane Dorian away from Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas.

Williamson’s tweet received a lot of criticism from atheists and leftists.  Williamson responded to her haters on Twitter by criticizing the “secularized left.”

Also, in recently leaked hidden camera video, Williamson condemned Democrats for treating her poorly and praised Republicans for treating her with respect.

Williamson has still not met the Democratic National Committee polling requirements in order to qualify for the next round of Democratic debates.

WATCH the video above to see Williamson condemn the left for being “godless.”


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