WATCH: Ex-Biden Supporter Explains Why He Supports Trump (VIDEO)

A Black Trump supporter explained why Joe Biden, in his 47 years of public office is not fit to be president. He pointed out questionable statements made by Biden and as well as the controversial 1994 Democrat Crime Bill.

The Black Trump supporter said, “Alright y’all so I’m back. We’re up here registering people to vote, and I got my brother man I’ve known him for a long time, love this dude to death. Man, he’s a really good dude, right? So I say hey, bro, you got you registered to vote this year? And he’s like, ‘yeah I’m voting.’ I’ll say who are you voting for? He was like, ‘you already know.’ I’m like Trump? He’s like, ‘hell no! Hell no!’ I’m like, bro, are you serious? So he’s asking me. He say, ‘Cash, why? Why vote for Trump?”

He continued asking his friend, “OK, before we get into it, because I’ma break it down to you. Why are you voting for Biden?”

The friend answered, “I mean, I just believe he’ll do better than Trump.”

The man Cash stated, “Did you know that Biden in 47 years of politics has only been a racist? Said racist things about you and me, personally, as black people, and made a bill to incarcerate black people with Bill Clinton.”

“I didn’t know that,” the friend responded.

Cash continued, “The crime bill. Look it up. The man just said ‘you ain’t black’ unless you vote for him.”

Cash stated, “Also, not only that, he also said that poor kids can be just as bright and just as intelligent as White kids, meaning the Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, or poor. When he thinks poor, he doesn’t think White at all. He’s thinking about you and me. The dude ain’t did nothing but hurt black people. And then his running mate, Kamala Harris, she’s got a career of locking up black people. A career!

The Trump Supporter outlined the reasons why President Trump should be re-elected including a strong economy and strong border security.

He said, “Did you notice, since [Trump’s] been president, the economy has been better than it ever been? Unemployment at an all-time low. More jobs created than ever before. He stopped making people, making us an importer and made us an exporter. To me, that means we make more money. People talk about the wall that he wanted to build over in Mexico. Do you know why he wanted to build a wall? And remember, he said he was racist because he said that, that my brothers and sisters who’s Mexican is murderers and rapists and stuff. Right? That’s not what he said. If you listen to the clip, he said that the MS-13, the gang, are rapists and murderers, not Mexicans, not Mexicans. But they twisted that to make everybody around us believe that he’s a racist. OK?”

He continued, “Then they say make America great again. What does he mean? When was America great? When he talk about make America great again, what he means is make America like what I just said, an exporter again. Have jobs again. Have people believe in the American dream again. That they want to come to this country and they know that they will make it. Had nothing to do with race. Alright? Not only that, the man gave funding for the next 10 years, this has never been done, for historic Black colleges and universities. The HBCUs. Barack Obama didn’t even do that.”

Past Democrat presidents were slammed for exploiting Black American voters

He stated, “We vote Democrat, blind as hell, don’t even know why we do. We just do. Did you notice that Black people are the ones that started the Republican Party? Did you know that? We were Republicans. They crippled us with welfare. Section 8. They kicked us out the homes, bro. Made the woman look at you and be like ‘I don’t need you. I’ll go get-. I’ll get taken care of by the state. I’ll go get food stamps. Which led you to be upset. Me to be upset. Go out and sell drugs because we trying to prove to our family that we could provide even though he had given us no jobs. Then we get locked up under that crime bill and then we’re locked up and we’re stuck there.”

The Trump supporter continued, “So why the hell will we give him our vote? They think we’re stupid. They think because he was with Barack Obama. Why you think he chose Kamala Harris as his running mate? She won’t even qualify. They didn’t want her in the primary when she was running to be the candidate against Trump. They didn’t want her then. So why pick her now? After she called [Biden] a racist in the debate?! Think about it, because they think we’re stupid. We’re gonna see a Black woman be like, oh, will he and the-. She could be the female Barack Obama. Let’s vote. That’s why. What have you got to lose? You’ve been voting the same way. You’ve been voting for these people for how long? And look it. So what do you really got to lose? Give me a chance. And he’s shown you. He’s shown everybody, so I’m counting on you, man, and everybody else that you know, if you could. When you get to talking to people, bro, tell them exactly what I just told you. Trump 2020. Trump 2020. Can I get that? My brother. My brother. That’s what it’s about. That’s what it’s about right there. Trump 2020.”