WATCH: Florida Governor: “We Will Never Do Any Of These Lockdowns Again” (VIDEO)

Florida Governor De Santis said they ‘will never do any of these lockdowns again’ and they are helping businesses plan to reopen, unlike in California.

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Governor De Santis stated, “You’ve seen theme parks open. We had the theme park round table last week, and you asked Universal and Disney and Sea World, you know, ‘how are you guys doing in California?’ ‘Oh, we’re not-.’ They have no pathway to get back, you know, in California. And so we had a different approach. And so I think that’s been good. “

De Santis continued, “And so I think that we understand what we need to do, but we will never do any of these lockdowns again. And I hear people say they’ll shut down the country. And honestly, I cringe because we know places that have done that. The most draconian lockdown in the world has been Peru, military-enforced since March. They have the highest per capita mortality in the world from COVID. And at best, what a lockdown will do is delay. It does not reduce the ultimate mortality. “

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De Santis claimed that test results are not the best indicators for COVID-19 infections and spoke against the ‘defund the police’ movement.

The Florida governor said, “And I’ve been saying this now for weeks. These test results are not the best indicator when we’re looking at COVID-19 data. The best indicators are things like ED visits for COVID-like illness per number of COVID positive patients in the hospital, number of covered positive patients in the ICU. When you talk about test results, that can be data dumps. Even if it’s a weak data dump, that’s still a big deal if you’re trying to assess a trend. Because by the time you the lab runs it, you were probably infected seven days or more before that. And then now we find out about the limitations of these tests. You can test positive for up to 12 weeks. Obviously, you only shed infectious virus for a very short period. You’re talking about days. There was an article in The New York Times even saying that Massachusetts, New York, and Nevada. There was a study done of all the positive tests they have had over a certain period of time. And it was determined that 90 percent of them did not have enough virus to be infectious.”

De Santis continued, “You know, it’s a difficult time for men and women in law enforcement in certain parts of the country, obviously really. I think any, anywhere they’re feeling it. In the state of Florida, you know, we don’t have any tolerance for anti-law enforcement actions. You know, don’t assault police, don’t do some of the things that we’re seeing. We will hold you accountable because when people wear the uniform, they are giving themselves, or putting their safety at risk to be able to help other people. And I can tell you that every one of those folks that are wearing the uniform, if they get called to go help a victim, they’re not asking, you know, what the race of the victim is or ethnicity or their. If someone’s in need, they’re going there and it doesn’t matter. And that’s what they do every single day. And so we’ve got to stand with one voice on this. And it hasn’t-. It’s not always fashionable in certain media circles because they have certain agendas. But I can tell you, if you don’t support law enforcement, if you defund law enforcement, or do some of the crazy things that we’ve heard over the last many months, the citizens of your jurisdiction will pay the price.”

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