WATCH: ”From Welfare To Millionaire”: Black Woman Gives Her Opinion On Statue Removals (VIDEO)

Posted 7.28.2020 by Joe Visconti

A 41-year resident of Wichita Falls spoke during a city council meeting to express how Civil War monuments had no effect on her ability to work hard to succeed in the United States.

Cathy Dodson is the 41-year resident of Wichita Falls who stated, “So speaking as a black person living in the city, I can honestly tell you that black folks in Wichita Falls don’t care one way or another about that monument. That’s the reason they’re not here. They don’t care.”

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Dodson reflects on her success, “I want you to know that my success came in and happened in spite of that rock sitting in the front yard of Memorial Auditorium. That monument is just a rock. It’s not good. It’s not bad. It don’t have the ability to be a racist. And it don’t have control over anybody. It’s just a rock.”

Dodson continued, “The issue of removing the statue is a distraction. It’s an excuse to dismantle this city. If it comes down, there will be something else and something else and something else and something else. To please these terrorists, young folks. If Black Lives Matter, then instead of focusing on this rock, let’s focus on the black men sitting on the curb in front of Faith Mission [Church] every day. Let’s make them more self-sufficient. If Black Lives Matter, then you would help black people in the area of their need.”

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Dodson expressed, “These white folks, outsiders yelling and are making their remarks in the street that Black Lives Matter. But you ain’t doing nothing about it, but open your mouth and running your mouth. That’s all you’re doing. That’s all those outsiders is doing. Your white BLM members is tearing down the city, or wants to tear down the city for their own political agenda.”

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