WATCH: GOOD GUY WITH A GUN, Credited With Stopping Mall Shooting That Left 5 Injured (VIDEO)

The hero of this week’s Pennsylvania mall shooting is a legally armed bystander who assisted in preventing the massacre.

According to a press release from the Lancaster Bureau of Police, the terrible events leading up to the intervention of the unidentified bystander were revealed.

Unidentified 16-year-old guy began shooting after getting into a disagreement with another individual, according to the report. According to WGAL-TV, the adolescent drew a gun and opened fire on many occasions.

Several persons became involved in a struggle for control of the pistol at that point, according to the report.

The legally armed bystander intervened and was able to strike the teen suspect in the stomach, knocking him to the floor. In accordance with the press release, “An uninvolved bystander was in a nearby store and heard the first set of gunshots. This bystander was armed with their own, legally possessed firearm.”

“The armed bystander then engaged the subjects fighting over the gun and fired shots, striking one of the subjects,” the release explained. “The struggled [sic] ended and the bystander waited at the scene until officers from the Lancaster City Police and Park City Security arrived and took control of the scene. The bystander was interviewed and released. The district attorney will be responsible for determining if the actions of the bystander were lawful and justified, upon the completion of the investigation.”

Five people, including the adolescent suspect, were taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening gunshot wounds they got during the attack. Witness Hana Ali believes that the presence of the Good Samaritan made all the difference in the outcome.

“I don’t know what he did before, but at that moment, he is the one that should be — he is a hero,” Ali, an Iraqi native, said. “It reminds me of the Desert Storm war when I was there. It was awful. The sounds of shooting, it’s really bringing things back to you. It’s so terrifying.”

The event is being investigated by the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office, which is also looking into the acts of a bystander. Formal charges against the 16-year-old suspect are still pending in the court system. The aftermath of the shooting was captured on video.

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