WATCH: Gym Owner Starts Recall Process For NJ Governor Over His Failed Lockdown Policies (VIDEO)

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A New Jersey gym owner is working on getting Governor Phil Murphy recalled over his coronavirus small business restrictions.

The gym owner on video said, “We’re here today at the state Capitol to serve Governor Murphy with recall papers on behalf of the people of New Jersey for his gross violations of our constitutional rights to the decimation of small businesses and our local economies with no scientific data to back up those actions and his gross misconduct and mishandling of a long term care facilities resulting in over 7000 deaths of the most vulnerable portion of our population.”

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Co-owner Ian Smith has kept Attilis gym open while racking up $1.2 million in bureaucratic fines.

Governor Phil Murphy is continually charging the gym owners $15,000+ per day of working during the lockdowns.

Attilis gym has been diligent in protecting clients using capacity restrictions and sanitation supplies. 

Ian Smith said to TMZ, “The people that come to our facility and the people that want to come to the gyms should have the freedom to take their own health into their own hands. Coming into the gym and working out is going to boost your immune system. Staying at home, being afraid of the virus, wearing a mask everywhere you go, trying to disinfect the world and live in a bubble and wait for a vaccine is not an effective public health strategy. That’s a defensive strategy. The human body is designed to interact with the world around it, and your immune system learns from that, those interactions.”

Smith continued, “You should come in contact with people. You should be shaking hands. You should be touching doorknobs. It’s a part of life. Viruses and bacteria are not going to go away and Bill Gate’s vaccine is not going to save anybody’s life. Going out and taking good safety precautions, like washing your hands, practicing safe social distancing, hydroxyl generators (odor filters) that we run. Each individual person in the gym has their own spray bottle. We spray and wipe everything as we go. Our HVAC system is equipped with COVID-19 filters. Those safety precautions are real and legitimate ones.”

Governor Murphy was question by meeting attendees after missing crucial vaccine deadlines.

One journalist asked, “General Purna spoke over the weekend about the discrepancy in the numbers of vaccines going to the states. He took full responsibility. Do you accept his explanation and do you take responsibility for missing the deadline for vaccines of long-term care?”

Gov. Murphy laughed and said, “Nice try, but we also know that there were others who went on with business as usual. And this is not the year for that. This is the year for a small Christmas with those in our immediate family bubble. That means also ringing in the New Year with only those in our own household. If we could do this and we could push ourselves through our pandemic fatigue and into 2021 when our vaccine program will be taking off. Hopefully, by this time next year, we can once again plan for the big get-togethers. But if you insist on having that big gathering this year, you are taking a real risk that when next Christmas or New Year’s comes around, there will be fewer loved ones gathered around your tree or under the bowl. Let’s see 2020 off in a way that sets us up for a strong and healthy 2021.”

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