WATCH: HILARIOUS New Trump Campaign Ad Destroys “Sleepy Joe” Biden

Posted 5.22.2020 by Haley Kennington

President Trump’s re-election campaign recently released an attack ad that can be viewed as both hilarious, as well as a sad example of a man who no longer “fires on all cylinders” so to speak. That sad man is “Sleepy Joe” Biden.

“Truth Over Facts”, the title of the new “investigative series” from Team Trump, comes from a gaffe Biden made while he was speaking at the Iowa State Fair last August. The Trump camp has also released a new website where you can submit tips “related to the discovery of TRUTH OVER FACTS” via text.

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The first video, in what is promised to be a series of video ads from the Trump 2020 campaign, is called “Sleepy Joe” and features a clip of Biden in Houston, Texas forgetting the words of the Declaration of Independence, replacing the word “Creator” with the phrase “you know the thing”.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women are created by…you know–you know, the thing,” said Sleepy Joe.

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Episode 1 highlights the fact that if Biden were to win the election in November, he would be the oldest U.S. president in American history. Unfortunately for Biden – and the Democrats – his lack of mental agility has been thrust into the spotlight with some of his most recent speaking engagements and interviews leaving many questions about the vice president’s mental capabilities.

The narrator of the series tells us that the next episode will be a deep dive on “what or who is a lying dog-faced pony soldier” – another gem Biden has given us to ponder the meaning of – and jokes that they will have a renowned sketch artist to help in the investigation.

The ad also reveals some of Biden’s ties and allegiance to China, and teases a look into his son Hunter’s shady involvement with the Ukrainian gas company Burisma as a possible future episode.

“I’m not going nuts,” Biden says at the close of the ad, along with the caption “Biden: Dangerous for America”.

While the ads are hilarious, it’s disturbing that in 2020 someone like Sleepy Joe Biden is even under consideration as a viable candidate for the presidency.


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