WATCH: Kamala Harris Suggests President Trump’s Efforts To Free A$AP Rocky Were A “Misuse Of Power”

Posted 8.03.2019 by Cameron Shizznit

Kamala Harris thinks President Trump’s efforts to free A$AP Rocky were a misuse of power.

When speaking at the NAACP National Convention on July 24, Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris suggested that it was a “misuse of power” for President Trump to help free rapper A$AP Rocky from jail in Sweden.

On July 2, A$AP Rocky was arrested in Sweden for the alleged assault of Mustafa Jabari.  The alleged assault took place on June 30 when A$AP Rocky was in Sweden on tour. A$AP Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, pleaded not guilty to the assault charges.

On July 2, A$AP Rocky posted multiple videos on Instagram, which show Jabari following him.  In the videos, A$AP Rocky claims that Jabari is harassing him and his bodyguard. Shortly after posting the videos, A$AP Rocky turned himself into police on July 2.

Jabari is not facing any criminal charges over the altercation with A$AP Rocky.  Jabari, an Afghan immigrant, has a prior conviction for a drug charge.

President Trump tweeted several times about his frustration with the arrest of A$AP Rocky.  On July 19, Trump tweeted that he spoke with Kanye West about A$AP Rocky’s incarceration. Trump added that he would call the Swedish prime minister to help try to free A$AP Rocky.

On July 25, Trump tweeted that Sweden needs to “Give A$AP Rocky his FREEDOM.”

On August 2, A$AP Rocky was released from Swedish jail and flew back to the U.S.  A$AP Rocky was detained for a month before he was finally released. According to reports, the conditions of the jail A$AP Rocky was held in were inhumane.

A$AP Rocky’s mother said she is ‘very grateful’ for President Trump’s help.  Many have credited African-American political activists Ali Alexander and CJ Pearson for pushing the State Department to take action to help free A$AP Rocky.


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