WATCH: Lindsey Graham Calls For Biden Impeachment, Believes Biden Is Now “Criminally Negligent” Over Major Issue

Lindsey Graham, a Republican senator and close friend of President Joe Biden, called for Biden’s impeachment during an interview with Fox News anchor Jeanine Pirro on Saturday. Graham was speaking about the ongoing border issue, which he described as “a disaster.”

There has been a 100 percent spike in fentanyl seizures in the Yuma sector alone, according to authorities. Graham stated that Our borders are completely open, they’re porous, people are pouring in, drugs are pouring in,”  “Here’s what I worry about: Terrorists getting in the middle of this group and killing a bunch of us. The incompetence in Afghanistan of turning Afghanistan over to the terrorists, the Taliban, will allow Al Qaeda and ISIS to roam freely and an open border are going to meet one day and some terrorist is going to take advantage of this system, come here and kill a bunch of us if we don’t change.”

“Joe Biden is criminally negligent. His administration, I think, is criminally negligent when it comes to controlling our border,” he added. “Our men and women of the Border Patrol and ICE are under siege. They’re American heroes. You just would not believe what its like to work along the border. I don’t know how they do it and they’ve been completely abandoned by President Biden. He should be impeached over this. This is dereliction of duty and a bunch of Americans are going to get killed if we don’t change our policies quickly.”

According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the issue on the southern border is continuing to worsen. In a statement released on Sunday, Abbott stated that the cartel has begun firing at Texas National Guard personnel while illegal immigrants continue to pour through our southern border.

On Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, Abbott stated that “And the cartels on the Mexican side of the border, they’re beginning to open fire on the National Guard that Texas has down on the border to secure the border,”“This is escalating into a firing war on each side of the border where Texas and our National Guard are having to defend themselves and defend the state of Texas.”

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