WATCH: Mark Levin SLAMS Democrats Over Their Creepy Obsession With President Trump (VIDEO)

Posted 9.28.2019 by Cameron Shizznit

During an appearance on ‘Hannity,’ Mark Levin compared the Democrats to drug addicts trying to get their fix when it comes to their constant phony outrage and obsession with President Trump.

Levin also criticized the Democrats for falsely labeling a rogue CIA agent as a ‘whistleblower’ for filing a complaint against President Trump even though the agent did not hear President Trump’s call with the President of Ukraine call firsthand.

Levin went on to expose Senate Democrats for their hypocrisy, because several Democratic Senators sent a letter to the Ukrainian government urging Ukraine to investigate Donald Trump and to not investigate Joe Biden.

WATCH the video above to see Levin’s epic rant.


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