WATCH: Minority Voters Explain Why They Are Voting For President Trump (VIDEO)

More minority voters from different backgrounds have been showing up to Trump events and giving their reasons for supporting President Trump.

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One man recognized, “I have visited many countries. I’m telling you, even before coming here, I have visited many countries. There is no country in the world that welcomes us immigrants like this. We come here in five years or 10 years. We have excellent homes. We have excellent jobs. We have everything what we need.”

A young Trump supporter stated, “Greatness, like awesomeness. He was sent from God. He’s the best president of the United States has ever had. That day will have beaten my wedding, my child’s birth. It’s the best day of my life.”

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A Black Trump supporter stated, “President Trump, if you’re watching this right now. Years ago, I used to be radical, a Democrat, but now I’m voting for you this year and my prayers to you and your family. This does not define political affiliation [as he points to his skin color]. It’s about, you know, your character.”

Another Black Trump supporter shared, “So it doesn’t matter what color you are. If you love to live in America, Trump loves you too, and he’s fighting for you. I went off emotion at first until I did my research and I started studying and I started looking up policies and all that stuff. And then I found out who the real racist is. Like, it’s definitely not Trump.”

A young Black supporter stated, “I talked about how Trump in 2016 had eight percent of the Black vote support, but now polls are showing that right now in 2020. Yes, 30 percent. That just goes to show you in these last four years, he has earned the trust, support, and admiration of the Black community more than any Democrat has in their entire career. More than Joe Biden has in his entire 50-year career. That’s half a century and yet he still can’t get that much Black support because Black people know that Joe Biden doesn’t have their back like Trump does.”

One man stated, “And just show him how much we love and care about him because he actually works. He’s the most tireless person I have ever known. Because my son has served as a Marine and our youngest son is joining as a Navy, I have not seen any young man keep up with the energy he has. So he worked so tirelessly on behind the America. And so I think his goal is not just to make America great, but the whole world great.”

Another man shared, “Trump is God sent to America. If Americans are wise and smart, they will support him every step of the way because this man, all he does is fight for America. All these other guys want to do is rip America up. Connive with foreign powers like China to rip America off. But Trump is the only one fighting. And it’s time for us to stop fighting back and fight for him.”

Recent polls have seen Trump’s approval soar amongst non-Whites and President Trump has a 24% approval rating amongst Blacks and a 32% approval rating amongst Hispanics.

A woman shared, “Here. We don’t want this to become like a communist country like we have. My ex-country, where I came from, is nothing like the United States. Even if they are a democracy now, they don’t have what we have here. It’s ridiculous. And I wish Donald Trump would be four more years in the White House. I wish him all the best. I love with all my heart. And I thank you for everything. What he does for this country. Through and for me here. I love him so much.”

One Filipino woman stated, “President Trump, the Filipino love you. The Filipino people love you. The American love you. The Michigan people love you. And we are supporting for you.”

A Latino Trump supporter shared, “We want four more years of you. We need our country back. It’s not about Democrat against Republicans. It’s about freedom against socialism at the end of the day.”

Another Black Trump support shared, “President of the United States has done remarkable things for my community. Like I said, we’re like 5,000 more in one church in Silver Spring area.”

One woman stated, “I wanted to thank him for making this country better and, you know, during the short amount of time that he has been in the government, he’s done more than many politicians have done several years.”

Another Filipino woman said, “For forty-seven months, he did a lot. Way more than Biden. That’s fact, that’s for sure. Oh, my God.”

A reporter asked a Latino supporter, “Do you think that President Trump is going to secure a lot of the Latino vote?”

He then responded, “Hell yes.”

One Latino Trump supporter shared, “I’m voting in Florida, so definitely voting for President Trump.”

A female Black Trump supporter stated, “I just wish him so much luck. He has restored my faith in this country, and I’m just so happy he’s our president.”

A Hindu American Trump supporter stated, “We are all very conservative and therefore pro-life. We support Trump. I’m a Hindu American and I also belong to Fairfax County Republican Party. And I support Trump to the core of many of my friends, as you can see. I’m representing a Hindu temple. They are Hindu Republicans for Trump.”

A Latin woman emotionally shared, “That everyone is here for Trump. America’s for Trump. Latinos are here for Trump. All colors are here for Trump. We’re here for you, and I want to personally thank you for supporting Puerto Rico when other people haven’t. They left own island behind in shams. And thank you. We need you. So be strong like you’ve always been, Trump. Thank you so much.”

A Vietnamese woman stated, “He’s the one who rescued us out of the socialists. We can’t form a country if we don’t have freedom. So we’re looking for freedom. And you know, nobody can buy the president because he works for our country for free. Whole family, his son, his daughter, everybody free working for us. So we appreciate what he did for our. We are supporting him 100 percent. Our Vietnamese community, 100% for Trump.”

Another man shared,  “I would say, sir, that I’m going to continue fighting with you, for you, for this country.”

One woman recognized, “He is a man with integrity. He’s a man of his word. He has a father’s heart for this country.”

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