WATCH: Mother Of 7-Year-Old Boy Forces Him To Dress Up As A Girl Named “Luna”

Posted 11.05.2019 by Cameron Shizznit

When he is with his mom, 7-year-old James Younger identifies as a trans girl named “Luna.” However, when James is with his dad, he identifies fully as a boy, which is his birth sex.

James’ father has been charged with child abuse for not agreeing that James is transgender and James’ mother has sought restraining orders against him.

James’ mother wants to force his father to pay for a transgender therapist and transgender medical alterations that will give James hormonal sterilization. The mother, a pediatrician, took James to a gender therapist who diagnosed James with gender dysphoria, a mental conflict between physical sex and gender identity.

James’ mother enrolled James in first grade as a girl and only provides James with girls’ clothes.  However, James’ dad doesn’t see signs of gender dysphoria when he’s with James. When James is at his father’s home, James identifies as a boy and wears boys’ clothes.  So it seems that James’ gender identity changes depending on which parent is present.

According to the transition therapist, James does not fully possess the desire to be “Luna” because he repeatedly identifies himself as “James.” The father says, “James violently refuses to wear girls’ clothes at my home.”  Eyewitnesses have affirmed the father’s observations of James preferring to be a boy.

Testimonies from the parents of James’ friends and church leaders have all said that James consistently acts and identifies as a 7-year-old male.  If James’ misdiagnosis as a female isn’t changed, then he will soon be chemically castrated.


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