WATCH: Officer Risks His Own Life To Save Woman In Mental Distress On Freeway Overpass (VIDEO)

Posted 6.25.2020 by Steeve Strange

On June 1, 2020, Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Rafael Rodriguez responded to a call about a woman in distress in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson.

When he arrived on the scene, he saw the woman hanging onto a freeway overpass fence, contemplating jumping onto the US95 freeway to end her life.

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Trooper Rodriquez calmly attempted to convince the woman, who was sobbing hysterically, to not jump while he waited for backup to arrive.  

As soon as two backup officers arrived, Officer Rodriguez risked his own life and climbed on top of the fence to try and comfort the woman and bring her to safety.

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“Ma’am, it’s not too late,” Rodriguez said to the crying woman while trying to grab her hand. “Let me help you.”

Rodriguez reached down as far as he could and successfully handcuffed one of the woman’s wrists.  He connected the other handcuff to the fence so she couldn’t fall.

After Rodriguez put the handcuffs on her, the Henderson fire department came and used a ladder to get the woman down.

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In a video interview, Trooper Rodriguez confirmed that the woman was immediately taken to a hospital for mental health treatment after she was rescued.

Rodriguez has been with the Nevada Highway Patrol for less than three years.


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