WATCH: Piers Morgan BLASTS The BBC For Teaching Kids There Are 100 Genders

Posted 9.14.2019 by Steeve Strange

Piers Morgan, co-host of ‘Good Morning Britain,’ blasted the BBC, a British news outlet, for teaching kids there are ‘100 genders.’

A man identified as ‘Benjamin’ appeared on ‘Good Morning Britain’ to defend the BBC’s controversial new children’s program that is instructing very young children that there are ‘100 genders’ or more.

In a heated exchange, Morgan said to Benjamin, “There are 100 different genders on this BBC list apparently, right. One of them is two-spirit person, polygender, pangender, neutrois. Benjamin, what is neutrois?”

A visibly annoyed Benjamin replied, “Oh come on, are we gonna go through all 100?”

Morgan responded to Benjamin, “Do you know any of them? I know some of them, yeah, but here’s my point. No offense, you come on national television to defend the BBC telling kids there are 100 genders.”  Morgan added, “I’m now reading out a number of these 100 genders. A) You’ve never heard of them. B) You have no idea what they are. But C) you want to encourage the BBC to instruct our kids that they should be one of these genders.”

WATCH the video above to witness the epic exchange.


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