WATCH: Rapper DMX Hosts Instagram Live Bible Study To Help People Struggling During Government-Mandated Coronavirus Lockdowns

Posted 4.30.2020 by Steeve Strange

Rapper DMX, a born-again Christian, hosted a virtual Bible study to help those who are struggling during this time of government-forced coronavirus lockdowns that have caused over 30 million Americans to lose their jobs.

Fans and followers were moved by DMX’s enthusiastic reading of the Bible, leading them to show their appreciation on Twitter.

Last year, DMX made headlines for criticizing the new era of rappers for “promoting drug use” in their music.

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“They all promoting drug use.  Ya know, like if that’s what you want to do then that’s your business. But you ain’t gotta promote it like its cool, make it cool, ya know what I’m saying. Like kids walk around like, ‘oh I’m poppin’ molly, I’m poppin’ perkies.'”

WATCH DMX Bible study here:

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