WATCH: Rapper T.I. Says He Wants $1 Million In Reparations For Every African-American (VIDEO)

Rapper T.I. recently in an interview discussed his thoughts on reparations and he claimed that every African-American should receive $1 million dollars.

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T.I. states, “So I ain’t just trying to just, you know what I’m saying, come up with some that I’m trying to benefit myself on. This is something that I feel that the entire diaspora of us who have been victimized in America can benefit from this. And we got to do is stick together.”

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T.I. continues on, “The thing is when people say reparations, they think about a one-time payout. I don’t think it’s ever gonna be no one-time payout. You know what I’m saying? We have to create an economic base. That’s what we lack right now. We do not have an economic base. We have the value of our spending power. But when we take that dollar and put it outside our community, then it is not an economic base it at that point anymore.”

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Charlamagne asks T.I. “Do you see that Asheville, North Carolina, agreed to give reparations? I’m going back to the Lord and Money thing, but they’re giving reparations today to the black citizens there?”

T.I. responds “I did. Yes, I did. And I think that’s noble. I think that’s a great start. You know, but I don’t think Asheville, North Carolina or any city in America, any one individual city in America has enough to get us what we fit, what we truly need and what we can’t afford to do is accept trinkets.”

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