WATCH: Ron DeSantis Blasts Washington ‘Insanity’ Over IRS Proposal And Gas Mileage Tax Pilot Program (VIDEO)

Ron DeSantis blasts ‘insanity’ in Washington over the news of the latest two proposals. One of the proposals is for the IRS to be allowed to look at bank accounts containing over $600 and the other is a pilot program to study a gas mileage tax.

“And just I mean, with what’s going on in Washington. They want to take every bank account of six hundred dollars and snoop on your bank account. We need to stop that. That is totally unacceptable. There was also one of the bills where they want to and I think it’s a pilot for now.”

“But, you know, they expand it. They want to track how much mileage you’re doing on your car and tax you. So how the hell are they going to do that, follow you around with that? So there’s some really, really bad juju going on up there right now.”

“The idea that they billionaires aren’t paying enough taxes, so therefore we need to snoop on people that have a bank account of six hundred dollars or more. You know, I may have been on a board on a Tuesday, but it wasn’t last Tuesday. So please, please stop the insanity. And we want to protect people’s financial privacy here in the state of Florida, 100 percent.”

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