WATCH: Senator Condemns Democrats For Attacking Amy Coney Barrett’s Religious Beliefs (VIDEO)

Confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett have begun and been followed with attacks on her Catholic religious beliefs.

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Senator Josh Hawley stated, “Judge Barrett is a Catholic. We all know that. She’s a devout Catholic. We all know that. She and her husband have chosen to raise their family according to their Catholic beliefs in faithful fellowship with other Catholics. We all know that. Heck, Sixty five million Americans are Catholics and many, many million, many, many millions more are Christians of other persuasions. Are they to be told that they cannot serve in public office, that they are not welcome in the public sphere unless members of this committee sign off on their religious beliefs? I, for one, do not want to live in such an America and the Constitution of the United States flatly prohibits it.”

Sen. Hawley continued, “Now, the Constitution says that people of faith like Judge Barrett are welcome in high office. Welcome in any office. Welcome, throughout our public life here in this country. And I would just say to my Democrat colleagues that these years now, this pattern and practice, as we say in the law, this pattern and practice of religious bigotry, because that’s what it is. When you tell somebody that they’re too Catholic to be on the bench, when you tell them they’re going to be a Catholic judge, not an American judge, that’s bigotry. The pattern and practice of bigotry from members of this committee must stop. And I would expect that it be renounced.”

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Senator Josh Hawley called out these attacks and said that the Constitution expressly prohibits a ‘religious test’ and explained how America broke ground in allowing all citizen the ‘freedom of conscience’ or freedom of thought.

Senator Hawley stated, “One attack after another in the liberal media, one hit piece after another, many of them echoed by members of this committee. Like this one, for instance, ‘Barrett long active with insular Christian group.’ We’ve read we’ve read stories about your Catholic lifestyle, stories about how you raise your children, stories about how you adopted your children, stories about your Catholic doctrinal beliefs over and over and over, questioning whether you have, I guess, the independence to be a judge, a justice on the United States Supreme Court. And it’s not just in the newspapers. It’s members of this committee. Including the Democratic nominee for vice president of the United States, who has questioned past nominees who’ve come before this committee about their membership in Catholic fraternal organizations like the Knights of Columbus. And for those watching at home. That’s right. You heard me correctly. Senator Harris and others on this committee have repeatedly questioned judicial nominees, fitness for office because of their membership in the Knights of Columbus.”

The Knights of Columbus, which has been repeatedly attacked by Senator Harris, is an organization that was founded as a fraternal Catholic organization for the working class and American immigrants.

Notable members include John F. Kennedy, Jeb Bush and Vince Lombardi. Senator Hawley called out Democrat members of the committee on their ‘anti-Catholic bigotry’

Senator Hawley stated, “The ranking member, when you were last before this committee, judge, for your initial confirmation hearings, the ranking member referred to your Catholic convictions as ‘dogma’, that’s a quote, ‘that lives loudly within you.’ Picking up the very terminology of anti Catholic bigotry, current in this country. A century ago, she wasn’t alone. Other senators on this committee last time asked you if you were an Orthodox Catholic. One senator said she worried that you would be a ‘Catholic judge’ if you were confirmed because of your religious beliefs, I guess, as opposed to an American judge, as if you can’t be both a devout Catholic and a loyal American citizen. And it’s not just you, Judge. Other nominees who have come before this committee for years now have been asked by my Democrat colleagues over and over their views on sin, their views on the afterlife, their views and about their membership statements of Catholic organizations, about their membership in other Christian organizations. And on and on and on.”

Sen. Hawley continued, “And let’s be clear about what this is, this is an attempt to broach a new frontier, to set up a new standard. Actually, it’s an attempt to bring back an old standard that the Constitution of the United States explicitly forbids. I’m talking about a religious test for office. Article Six of the Constitution of the United States, before we even get to the Bill of Rights, Article Six of the Constitution of the United States says clearly, and I quote, ‘No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.’ Now, that was big news in 1787 when it was written. And it’s worth remembering why. It’s because no country, no republic in the history of the world had ever guaranteed to its citizens the right to freedom of conscience and religious liberty.”

Senator Hawley goes on to explain how the hearings appear to ‘regress’ and that the U.S.A. needs to open up opportunities for all of its citizens no matter what their background or religious beliefs are.

Sen. Hawley stated, “Every other country that had ever existed tied together the religious beliefs that would be approved by the powerful and the right to serve in office, or to vote, or just to be a citizen. In every other country across history, you had to agree with what those in power agreed with in order to hold office or be a citizen in good standing, you had to sign a particular religious confession, or you had to disavow a particular religious group, swear not to follow the Pope, for instance. You had to pledge allegiance to the God of the city or the God of the Empire. And so when our founders put Article Six into the Constitution of the United States, they were making a very deliberate choice. They were breaking with all of that past history and they were saying in America, it would be different. In the United States of America we would not allow the ruling class to have veto power over your faith, over what Americans believed, over who we gathered with to worship and why and where and how. And people of faith would be welcome in the public sphere, they’d be welcome there. They’d be welcome without having to get the approval of those in power like those on this committee.

Sen. Hawley continued, “They would be welcome to comment to bring their religious beliefs to bear on their lives, on their office, and all that they do, so long, of course, as they were peaceful citizens who follow the law. This freedom of conscience and religious liberty undergirds all of our other rights because it tells the government that it cannot tell us what to think, or who we can assemble with, or how we can worship, or what we can say. And that’s why Article Six is there even before we get to the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment. That this bedrock principle of American liberty is now under attack. That is what it is at stake when we read these stories attacking Judge Barrett for her faith. That is what is at stake when my Democratic colleagues repeatedly question Judge Barrett and many other judicial nominees about their religious beliefs, about their religious membership, about their religious practices, about their family beliefs and practices. That is an attempt to bring back the days of the religious test. That is an attempt to bring back the veto power of the powerful over the religious beliefs and sincerely held convictions of the American people. And that is what is at stake in this confirmation hearing.”

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