WATCH: Ted Cruz Exposes Biden Judicial Nominee For Radical Positions On Transgender Bathroom Issues (VIDEO)


Ted Cruz today exposed Holly Thomas, a radical Biden appointee who is looking to be confirmed to the 9th Circuit district court as a judge, over her history of advocating on the behalf of biological men and using the legal system to force businesses to allow biological men in Women’s restrooms.

Cruz went over the nominee’s history as a lawyer as follows:

“Judge Thomas, welcome. As I look at your record, it continues a pattern of the Biden administration of nominating individuals to the bench who have long careers as activists throughout the course of this hearing, you have explained some of your prior positions as simply representing a client. But when I look at your career, I don’t see that. I see that you are. Passionately committed to. A particular vision of the law. It has ranged from filing briefs in litigation in the state of Texas, defending race-based discrimination in university admissions to most consistently transgender activism. And I would submit extremism and this hasn’t been one client you had in one case. This is rather been a consistent pattern that extended when you were a lawyer for the state of California, that extended when you were a lawyer for the U.S. Department of Justice, that extended where you were a lawyer for the state of New York and three different jurisdictions. You have been involved in litigation on the extremes of transgender issues, and in particular, you’ve carved out an expertise for yourself. Using litigation to force institutions to allow biological males to use restroom facilities and locker facilities. That are also used by girls, young girls that are used by women, and this has been a pattern when you were a lawyer for the state of California, you filed a lawsuit against Krunch Fitness, a gym. For not moving quickly enough to allow a biological male to use the women’s locker room. When you were. A lawyer for the state of New York. You filed briefs against the state of Texas, against the state of North Carolina, again, advocating for biological males to use girls and women’s restrooms. And you know, the thing I find troubling about. These arguments. Is it seems the women and girls never have any rights. That the girls that would like to shower next to someone who is not a biological male, who would like some privacy, their rights. Never seemed to matter and your pattern, it’s not a single case. It is across three jurisdictions over and over again.”

Cruz then went on to ask whether or not Thomas still agreed with her past statements, in which she completely dodges the question.

“In the Texas case, the brief you filed said they’re, quote, There is no data or tangible evidence in support of the claim that allowing people to use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity will lead to increased violence or crime in restrooms. Do you stand by that statement?”

Thomas Responded:

“Thank you for the questions, Senator Cruz. So, again, as an advocate, you advocate for the positions of your client. I haven’t been an advocate for three years, I’ve been a judge, and when I years is not very long.”

The questioning goes on as Cruz brings up the case of a 9th-grade girl who was sexually assaulted in a Loudon County school by a biological male in a women’s bathroom. Thomas again avoids the question and gives a boring statement on the differences between an advocate and a judge (typical Democrat response, never answer a question head-on just make up some weird excuse why you can’t answer it).

Many other Republicans including Josh Hawley (R-MO) have been trying to get an answer out of Thomas who has still yet to be confirmed.