WATCH: Ted Cruz Unloads On Biden From The Border Camp With Thousands Of Potential Illegal Immigrants (VIDEO)

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas released a video recently showing the “maddening crisis” at the US’ southern border taken from his trip to Del Rio, Texas where he noted that more than 10,000 illegal immigrants have been apprehended trying to cross the border.

This is a crisis that is unfolding,” Cruz said from Del Rio. “It’s a maddening crisis.”

“Just over a week ago, there were fewer than a thousand people here under the bridge, averaging between 700 and 1,000. Then, on September 8th, the Biden administration made a decision to cancel deportation flights back to Haiti,” he added. ‘The vast majority of these illegal immigrants crossing into Del Rio are from Haiti.”

Cruz noted that Biden’s decision regarding the halt in Haiti deportations prompted the number of illegal aliens to balloon.

“And [when the Biden administration] made that decision eight days ago, the 700 to a thousand people who were here discovered they could stay, they pulled out their cell phones,” the Republican senator added. 

“They called their friends, they called their family, and eight days later, 700 people became 10,503.”

“Man-made” disaster

Senator Cruz then blasted the still ongoing border crisis calling it a “man-made disaster” that was the “result of political decisions.”

He then noted how Democratic President Joe Biden could easily fix the escalating crisis by simply following the law.

This is a disaster and it is a man made disaster. It is the result of political decisions and Joe Biden could end this tomorrow by simply following the law and reinstating deportation flights back,” Cruz maintained.

“When you have open borders, this is what you get,” Cruz said. “This is wrong. This is not humane. This is not compassionate. This is lawless, and it is inviting suffering. This needs to end.”

Cruz also commended the men and women of the Border Patrol, “who are risking their lives trying to do a job that their political superiors won’t let them do.”

Cruz earlier released close up footage of 10,000+ ‘illegal aliens’ held by the Biden administration under an overpass in Texas.

The senator noted that “more than 10,000 were being held” as he blasted the national security and humanitarian disaster that has unfolded on Biden’s watch.

“The reason they’re here is simple,” Cruz said. “Eight days ago, the Biden administration made a political decision, a political decision to cancel deportation flights to Haiti. They did that on September 8th. Eight days later these numbers appear.”

“On September 8th, underneath this bridge, there were between 700 and a thousand people,” Cruz continued. “But when the word got out that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were no longer deporting people that came from Haiti, suddenly everyone was here, called their friends, called their family, and the numbers surged to 10,503. That’s what’s here today. It is more than the capacity of the Border Patrol to handle,” he added.

“This is the result of a political decision. This is the result that is indefensible. What we are seeing here, this is wrong. This is inhumane and this is entirely caused by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” he added.

Steeve Strange

Steeve is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Scoop.

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