WATCH: Thousands Of Anti-Communist Protesters Hit The Streets Of Hong Kong To Protest Against Communist China’s Attempted Takeover

Posted 5.27.2020 by Steeve Strange

Mass protests broke out in Hong Kong due to a proposed piece of legislation from Communist Mainland China that threatens Hong Kong’s freedom and liberty under the guise of protecting China’s national security.

Protesters were attacked by pro-communist law enforcement officers who used tear gas and high-pressure water cannons. At least 180 protesters were arrested.

A fight broke out during a Hong Kong legislature session between anti-communist and pro-communist members. Two anti-communist members were forcibly dragged out by police officers.

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Under China’s current “one country, two systems” policy that is required by law to last until at least 2047, Hong Kong has its own legislature and judiciary, as well as more economic freedom for businesses than is present in Communist Mainland China.

Hong Kong residents fear their freedom will soon be taken away by the Chinese Communist Party.

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Hong Kong politician Bernard Chan commented that Chinese officials in Beijing are unsettled due to the growing amount of Hong Kong protesters demanding independence.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Georgia) slammed the Chinese Communist Party for tightening its grip on Hong Kong autonomy and proposed sanctions on Chinese Communist leaders, including financial market exclusions and travel bans.

Jimmy Lai slammed CCP chair Xi Jinping for using the COVID-19 pandemic as a distraction while he attempts to extinguish Hong Kong’s economic freedom.

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Hong Kong entrepreneur Jimmy Lai warned that the China security bill includes language that allows the CCP government to arrest dissidents who broadcast criticisms of Communist China.

Lai is confident that the Trump Administration will be able to stop the Chinese Communist Party’s attempt to take total control of Hong Kong.

WATCH protest footage here:

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