WATCH: President Trump Announces HISTORIC Israel-Palestine Peace Plan!

President Trump announced a historic peace plan for Israel and Palestine.

The peace plan has two parts; it creates an independent Palestinian state while permanently acknowledging that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.

President Trump said during a press conference at the White House, “It is only reasonable that I have to do a lot for the Palestinians or it just wouldn’t be fair.  I want this deal to be a great deal for the Palestinians. It has to be. Today’s agreement is a historic opportunity for the Palestinians to finally achieve an independent state of their very own. After 70 years of little progress, this could be the last opportunity they will ever have.”

President Trump continued, “I sent a letter today to President Abbas [of the Palestinian Authority].  I explained to him that the territory allocated for his new state will remain open and undeveloped for a period of four years. During this time, Palestinians can use all appropriate deliberation to study the deal, negotiate with Israel, achieve the criteria for statehood, and become a truly independent and wonderful state.”

President Trump said that no Palestinians or Israelis will be forced to move out of their homes and that he plans to open a U.S. embassy on Palestinian land.

President Trump hopes that his plan will allow Palestine to participate in the global economy and to double or triple its gross domestic product.

“Over the next 10 years, if executed well, one million great new Palestinian jobs will be created,” predicted President Trump.  “Their poverty rate will be cut in half and their poverty rate is unacceptable now and only getting worse. Their GDP will double and triple and much-needed hope, joy, opportunity and prosperity will finally arrive for the Palestinian people. Our vision will end this cycle of Palestinian dependency upon charity and foreign aid. They will be doing phenomenally all by themselves. They are a very, very capable people.”

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised President Trump’s peace plan emphasizing that it was both practical and realistic because it balances Israel’s national security with Palestine’s aspirations for statehood.

“Mr. President, because of this historic recognition and because I believe your peace plan strikes the right balance where other plans have failed, I’ve agreed to negotiate peace with the Palestinians on the basis of your peace plan,” said Prime Minister Netanyahu.  “It’s a great plan for Israel. It’s a great plan for peace. Frankly, Mr. President, given all that you’ve already done for Israel, I’m not surprised.”

Netanyahu concluded, “You have been the greatest friend that Israel has ever had in the White House.”

President Trump ended his speech by reassuring that the holy land will remain an eternal symbol of peace instead of conflict.   “The glories of the Holy Land. This part of the world is forever connected to the human soul and the human spirit. These ancient lands should not be symbols of conflict, but eternal symbols of peace.”


Steeve Strange

Steeve is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Scoop.

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