WATCH: Trump Reveals Major Difference Between Himself And Hillary Clinton, And Other Highlights From Iowa Rally (VIDEO)

During the Save America rally in Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday night, President Donald Trump revealed a major difference between himself and Hillary Clinton. Trump also took aim at the Biden administration for its foreign and domestic failings, as well as the left’s costly spending plan and the country’s “woke” military leadership. Trump also blasted Ilhan Omar and Biden’s drastically low approval numbers.

“You know, they’re allowed to say that about me. They called it illegitimate, they called it everything in the book, it was fine. When I say it now, here’s the difference. Hillary conceded. I never conceded. Never conceded.

Trump Slammed Ilhan Omar

In this video Trump slams Ilhan Omar’s hatred of Israel, as could be seen from her and the squads’ (AOC and the gang) efforts to deny funds for Israel’s defence against Palestine. Trump also slammed her for allegedly marrying her brother in order for him to immigrate to the United States. He then blasted the system that seems to only investigate one side and never the Democrats.

Trump Slams Biden’s Poll Numbers In Iowa

Allegedly Biden has received a poll getting 31% in Iowa. This is drastically low but for a red state, Trump asks the crowd if they know any Biden voters jokingly.

“Who the hell are the 31 percent?” Trump said incredulously. “Is anybody here that voted? Any 31 percenters?” he said of the applauding conservative audience. Trump referred to himself as the “all-time favorite president” of the crowd.

Trump has promised that Republicans would recapture America and put an end to the Biden administration’s border catastrophe on the southern border. “We’re not going to have a country left in three years,” Trump said emphatically.  the President said.
He said that the Republican Party would prohibit critical race theory from being taught in the United States military, business, and educational system. As he said, “We will restore patriotic education to our schools,” “We will teach our children to always respect our great American flag […] This nation does not belong to them. This nation belongs to you.”

When the Biden administration withdrew forces from Taliban-controlled area, Trump blasted the Pentagon for its bungled Afghanistan pullout, which left Americans stranded and resulted in the deaths of 13 US service personnel in the aftermath of the Kabul evacuation.

President Donald Trump compared the United States to “We’re like a country run by stupid people,” “Our soldiers are heartbroken at what happened in Afghanistan […] They wanted to be respected, they wanted to show strength and our television generals wouldn’t let them […] China laughs in our face,”


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