WATCH: Trump Supporting Students Are Being Kicked Out Of Class For This Insane Reason (VIDEO)

As classrooms continue virtually, there have been numerous accounts of teachers excluding students from the class due to having Trump flags in their rooms.

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A Colusa High School teacher in California was recorded saying, “two, three, four. I will be kicking you out of class.”

The student waved the teacher goodbye and exited the virtual classroom before the teacher could finish counting.

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The parent stated, “She is a knew teacher and it’s a mistake. There hasn’t really been any guidance given to her as a teacher from the school.”

Another student, Mollie Woodbury from Massabesic High School stated, “It’s never really been an issue. Nothing was really ever said about it until the other day.”

After being asked by the teacher to remove that flag, she said no and that it is in her bedroom and not offensive. She then received a message telling her that she was removed from the online class meeting.

Mollie stated, “I kina of feel like my right to have my own opinion was taken away by her.”

Families of the students are saying they are losing their right to an education and claim that no rules have ben broken according o their student handbooks.

School administrators who have responded to the public outcry say that they ‘are still learning the rules in a virtual environment.’

One parent after asking for clarification stated, “He just flat out told me no. We’ve just not been given any guidance.”

The Kaluza County Code of Conduct shows a dress code that bans clothing with alcohol or drug symbols, sexual messages, profanity, or clothing that degrades any race. In the 38-page document, it does not mention anything with politics, elections, or campaigning.”

The parent continued, “We don’t even know if we’re supposed to be following the on-campus handbook or if there’s a new campus or a new handbook that’s addressing the distance learning issue. She is losing her right to learn.”

Millie’s mother shared about her daughter, “She is losing her right to learn.”

The RSU Superintendent Larry Malone responded about this incident stating, “RSU 57 supports the rights of both students and staff to express their views on matters of public concern. There are, however, times the district must make content-neutral time, place, and manner restrictions on speech to ensure the orderly operation of its schools and the educational process. Whereas educators are pretty familiar with what is and is not appropriate in the traditional classroom, we’re all still learning the rules in a virtual environment.”

Mollie’s mother also expressed, “I love that she’s, you know, intrigued with politics because it’s not something that everybody gets into.”

Mollie stated about being involved with politics, “I just like to know what’s like going on in our world.”

She did end up returning back in her math class but the teacher didn’t acknowledge her at all.

Mollie stated, “I just don’t really want her to like, like, hate me or, like have anything against me because of this.”

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