CRAZY: Youtuber Joey Salads Exposes Bernie Sanders Supporters For Wanting To Restore Voting Rights To Violent Felons (VIDEO)

Posted 5.09.2019 by Steeve Strange

YouTuber Joey Salads just exposed several Bernie Sanders supporters for wanting to restore voting rights to violent felons.

In a social experiment video posted on Joey Salads’ YouTube channel, Salads asked several self-identified Bernie Sanders supporters if they would sign a petition to restore the voting rights of Salads’ ‘client,’ a man who claimed to be “murderer” who was convicted of manslaughter:

Today we are going to be doing a social experiment going to clear Democrats and Bernie Sanders supporters to see if they will support my client here and his right to vote even though he’s a murderer. Let’s see what happens.

In the video, Salads presented a petition to a middle-aged liberal woman who was attending some sort of anti-Trump protest and told her that he was “representing a client over here and we are trying to restore his voting rights because he’s a convicted felon.” Salads added that a “judge agreed if we are able to get 100 signatures that they’ll actually restore his voting rights.”

Salads then asked the woman, “Is that something you’d like to sign?”

The woman responded with an emphatic “sure!”

Before the woman had a chance to sign the petition, Salads’ felon client, who was wearing a Bernie Sanders dad hat, told her that he was convicted of “manslaughter, it was an accident.” Salads’ client added that he “broke into someone’s house and they weren’t supposed to be there, but they were.”

Salads’ felon client further added that he “accidentally pushed someone.”

Despite Salads’ client’s very clear declaration that he literally killed someone when he broke into the person’s house, the woman still signed the petition and told Salads that she “agrees[s]” that Salads felon client should have his voting rights restored.

Later in the video, Salads and his client approached two people on a park bench to ask them to sign the same petition to restore the voting rights of Salads’ felon client.

Salads told the two people that his client was convicted of killing someone because he was “robbing some guys house and the guy came home he felt threatened.”

In a comical defense of his actions, Salads’ client added, “He wasn’t supposed to be home though, so…”

Salads, adding to what his client just stated, said, “He wasn’t supposed to be home and he murdered the guy who he was trying to rob.”

Both individuals on the bench still signed the petition, with one unironically commenting, “We all have our ups and downs, right?”

Salads then asked the two individuals, “If you had to choose to vote for any of the following candidates who would it be? Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, or Hilary Clinton?”

One replied with, “I’d Probably would have voted for Clinton or Sanders.”

Senator Bernie Sanders created a major controversy last month by announcing his support for restoring voting rights to violent felons and murderers.

Joey Salads’ video shows that at least some of Bernie’s supporters agree with Bernie’s belief that violent felons should have the right to vote.

Joey Salads is a YouTuber with over 2.4 million subscribers. He is best known for doing prank videos and social experiments.

Joey Salads, whose real name is Joey Saladino, is currently running for Congress as a Republican. The 25-year-old Saladino is running in the 11th district of New York.

Joey Salads’ social media clout should easily make him a frontrunner in the Republican primary.

Watch Joey’s full length clip here:


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