First Liberty Exposes What Is At Stake With “Court Packing” (AD)

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The Democrats are planning a coup to destroy America’s judical system by packing the courts! Visit First Liberty’s Supreme Coup page for critical information and resources!

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First Liberty has created a central hub with critical information, research and resources how we can educate millions of Americans of this planned Democratic coup to end the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

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Lauren Boebert shared to Twitter that the 2 Amendment is at risk, “Make no mistake, the purpose of packing the court is to dismantle the Second Amendment and shred the rest of the Constitution apart along with it. There is no other reason.”

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Today, in their unquenchable thirst for unbridled power and control, radical far Left progressives are now calling on President Biden and Democratic leadership in the U.S. Congress to expand the federal courts, including the number of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Rep. Jim Jordan called out MLB, “What do Major League Baseball, airlines, and soft drink companies think about packing the Supreme Court? Aren’t they supposed to be against anything that threatens American norms?”

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Adding seats to the Supreme Court would allow President Biden to “pack the court” with justices that align with his Progressive ideology. This would tilt the balance of power to Democrats for decades to come!

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Venezuela’s descent into socialism and economic unraveling all started with their government adding seats to their high court. We can’t allow the Democrats to lead Americans down a similar path.


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