“Where’s Hunter?” President Trump TROLLS Joe Biden Over His Disgraced Son Hunter At Ohio Rally (VIDEO)

Posted 1.15.2020 by Steeve Strange

At a campaign rally in Toledo, Ohio, President Trump pointed out the many scandals involving Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, including Hunter Biden’s many shady business dealings in Ukraine and China.

Trump said that he hopes that Joe Biden will end up the Democratic nominee because Biden will hear “Where’s Hunter” nine times at every single debate in 2020.

Trump also mentioned that Hunter Biden was kicked out of the military.

“Here’s a guy made no money, got thrown out of the military forces,” said Trump about Hunter. “I think the Navy. Got thrown out. Had no job, had no nothing. So it went from that to making millions of dollars a year. As soon as Sleepy Joe became Vice President after he made millions of dollars a year.”

“Sleepy Joe” is one of President Trump’s nicknames for Joe Biden.

Later in the week, Trump supporters crashed a Joe Biden rally in Nevada. The Trump supporters held up signs with the phrase “Where’s Hunter” on them.

Biden snapped back at the Trump supporters and told the crowd that he is “proud” of his son.



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