Why Is Joe Biden Being Prevented From Answering Questions From The Media?

President Joe Biden is starting to be recognized for his trend of escaping reporters the moment they start asking questions that require more well thought out answers.

One news clip shows President Biden being asked what he learned about the situation at the border and his response was ‘a lot.’

This growing trend of escaping reporters and Biden’s aides telling reporters to get going is such an embarrassment. President Biden has not held one solo press conference yet and the address to the nation on Thursday was all too scripted for him while he read off his teleprompter.

Newsmax host Greg Kelly slammed President Biden over his address Thursday, “The first words out of the mouth of this DUNCE should have been “Thank you President TRUMP”

GOP posted to Twitter, “52 Days and counting…and Joe Biden still hasn’t had his first press conference.”

Former President Trump would always face the media and he called it out in an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace. Ian Miles Cheong posted to twitter, “Trump predicted how Biden’s interactions with the media would play out.”