Woke Corporations Discriminate Against Middle East Offices By Leaving Out “Pride Month” Logos

As “Pride Month” has begun in June, at least seven significant multinational corporations updated their social media logos to rainbows. The corporations neglected to alter their graphics on platforms in the Middle East and Asia, where LGBT people encounter the worst abuse.

As shown by their social media pages, it seems that some companies’ sympathy for LGBT people is restricted by geographic borders.

Darren Grimes, a gay conservative British activist, outlined five corporations who did not alter their Middle East branding for Pride: Mercedes-Benz and BMW, as well as Cisco, Lenovo, and Bethesda.

Facebook shared the same trends as well.

Companies updated their logos in places where LGBT people are free to live their lives as they like, but not in nations like Russia, where the government censors gay and lesbian material and oppresses gay activists, according to journalist Melissa Chen:

“Woke-washing ultimately hits at a very simple truth: the most progressive place on this planet are the very ones progressives say are the most bigoted and racist,” Chen wrote to Twitter.

Israel is the only Middle Eastern nation with an open LGBT culture. Israel supports LGBT tourism and provides refuge to homosexuals who are persecuted in their native countries.

Lenovo’s Israeli Facebook page did not modify its logo after doing so on its American page, despite Israel’s welcoming culture. On their Israeli Facebook page, BMW did update their emblem to add a rainbow flag.

“The LGBT, there is no such thing,” Turkish President Erdogan remarked earlier this year, according to SBS News.

Many in the Middle East embrace Erdogan’s views, where homosexual individuals may still be fined, imprisoned, or even executed.

Around 70 nations penalize homosexual behaviour, according to the Council on Foreign Relations, and 12 nations enforce the death penalty for people who commit homosexual relations.

Toronto Blue Jays recently made this post to Twitter.

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