Woke, Fully Vaccinated LeBron James Tests Positive For Covid-19

NBA player LeBron James tested positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday, despite being fully vaccinated.

TMZ reported that James is now in the NBA covid protocol program which will force him to miss several upcoming games.

Tuesday afternoon James tested positive for COVID-19, according to a lateral flow test. A follow-up PCR test attested that James was negative. The third “tiebreaker” COVID test showed James to be positive, forcing him into the NBA isolation program.

James must isolate for the next 10 days before he can return or he can show two negative PCR tests.

TMZ confirmed that James is fully vaccinated and is asymptomatic currently.

James has faced scrutiny over the past few weeks where he would make headlines for throwing tantrums or fits on the court. Last week he punched an opposing player in the face, which started a 20-player brawl.

James was suspended for the first time ever because of that incident. Also last week, James kicked out two fans that were cheering against him.

He also received a $15,000 fine by celebrating with an obscene dance in which he grabbed his nether regions.

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