YBN Nahmir Questions CJ Pearson’s Blackness (VIDEO)

Posted 2.25.2019 by Steeve Strange

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Rapper YBN Nahmir questioned the blackness of teen conservative activist CJ Pearson in response to a video CJ made about fake hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett.

Pearson made the following comments about Jussie Smollett in a video posted on Pearson’s Twitter profile:

Jussie Smollett alleged that he was a victim of a hate crime, that he was targeted because the color of his skin and his sexuality.  Neither or any of those things actually happened. What Jussie Smollett played into was the fact that it is now popular, for some reason, to hate white people and specifically straight white males. How can you hate racism but also hate straight white males?

YBN Nahmir quote tweeted Pearson’s video and asked, “Is this n*gga even black?”

Pearson then tweeted the following fire response to YBN Nahmir, who is a member of the XXL “2018 Freshman Class”:

Yes, and I’m proud of it. But what I’m more proud of is the fact that I’m a free thinker – who thinks with my brain and not the color of my skin. You, on the other hand, are nothing more than a one-hit wonder with a criminal record longer than your discography.

BOOM. Roasted. Pearson 1, Nahmir 0.

The two argued back and forth on Twitter, but YBN Nahmir later deleted his tweets like a little bitch and blocked Pearson.


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