What’s The Scoop?

The Scoop is the Voice of the New Counterculture, a growing movement of young free thinkers who reject political correctness and live-and-breath Internet culture.

For years, members of the new counterculture were begging for a one stop shop where they could watch high-quality and informative video content about all the subjects that they cared about: Real news, politics, counterculture celebs, trap music, video games, anime, dank shit, and much more. We here at The Scoop saw this obvious void in the market and created a platform that fulfills the new counterculture’s desires.

Reading articles is so 2016. Whether you like it or not, no one has the attention span to do that anymore. We break down the most important stories of the day into easy to digest, highly engaging one-minute real news videos.

We bring our real news videos directly to the new counterculture on all the top social media platforms. It’s easy. Just follow The Scoop to join the Real News Gang, and you’ll always know what the heck is going on in the world.

Steeve Strange

Real News Zaddy / CEO
Wears dad hats nearly every day. Not a dad. But still your daddy. Only lives in California because of the three W’s. Leader of the real news gang. Favorite game to play is 4D chess. Exudes dragon energy.

Steeve Strange

Real News Zaddy / CEO

Hey yo! You can call me Steeve Strange.

I created The Scoop to give a voice to the new counterculture. We are tearing down artificial labels and inspiring a new generation of free thinkers through the power of REAL NEWS. We are #movingUSforward.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, Kanye West, and Grant Cardone are the three most influential free thinkers of the 21st century. They are my heroes. They inspire me to be the greatest entrepreneur and human being I can be each and every day.  Most people would tell you that Steeve Strange is their favorite person, so I think it’s working

When I’m not making real news videos, which is like never, I like to travel around the world and have conversations with random strangers. I believe that there is something to be learned from every person you meet, as long as you are willing to listen and ask the right questions.  Although, if someone were to claim that they know more about trap music than I do, they would be guilty of spreading fake news. Because I am a trap gawd.

Follow me on social media! I want to talk to you all 🙂



Cameron Schnittger

Dank Meme Sarge / Content Strategy Director
I live and breath punk rock. I googled Ron Paul once and then the rest was history, I will finish what he started. Some sort of mix between the Christian and Jedi faith.

Cameron Schnittger

Dank Meme Sarge / Content Strategy Director

Sup boi’s, my name is Cameron.

The Scoop started off when my main mans Jmick, now known as Steeve, called me up one day out of the blue and was like, “Hey dude. Do you wanna start a free-thinking media company that just reports the REAL NEWS?” We talked about how all these biased propaganda companies on Facebook were super lame and produced garbage content. We also realized that most news companies on the Internet were just light years behind in quality, aesthetics, and experience.

So it was from that day on that I started to physically embody the REAL NEWS and made it my mission in life to destroy FAKE NEWS. Ever since then, I could not be any happier. I have been born again. I have a vision of paradise, in which freedom and liberty are the core values of every human being.

One of my favorite things about the world is free human expression. I try my best to espouse love to all God’s creatures and truly want to make a difference. My best advice to anyone is to go against the grain, be YOURSELF, and have fun, because you only die once. This isn’t Spyro; it’s real life.

I am one with the force, the force is one with me.

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