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Dear Patriot,

Instead of kissing up to the globalists and the corporate elites that control the American mainstream media, The Scoop is fighting for YOU – the American patriot.

Today, we are asking you to join us in this fight.

Now that millions of American patriots like you have chosen to reject the liberal media by subscribing to The Scoop, there are powerful forces that are determined to take us down.  Mainstream media organizations want to destroy us for taking away their viewers; big corporations with liberal marketing departments that advertise on other news sites refuse to work for us; the big social media companies want to de-platform us and censor our message of truth; and the political elites in both major political parties are terrified over our free-thinking independence.

Do not misunderstand us, we are not complaining, nor do we view ourselves as victims.  And we never will.  But we also pride ourselves in telling it like is.  We are facing a difficult uphill battle, and it will not get any easier in the future.  We need your help to break through the barriers of big tech, big media, and big government.

It is so sad that many of the major New York advertising agencies refuse to place ads on any web pages that even mention the words “Donald Trump,” but that is the reality.  The coastal elites do not want the American people to see any news about our President.  That is unless they are the ones putting it out, because they want to control the narrative.  As a news outlet that heavily reports on President Trump, this loss in ad revenue hurts us more than most sites.

We are one of the fastest growing online news companies for a reason: We cover the stories that you, the American patriot, deserves to know about, and other media organizations refuse to cover.  Our original videos drive the elites crazy because we provide a direct contrast to the fake news narrative that they are attempting to brainwash the masses with.

One reason we are growing is we are not afraid to say that America is the greatest country in the history of the world.  We love this country, its traditions, its Constitution, and we believe America is worth saving from the liberals and the globalists who wish to destroy it.

Help us save this great country.

Since 2017, The Scoop has grown tremendously.  We went from having 5 followers on social media to now having hundreds of thousands, including President Trump’s own son.  And now our content is viewed by up to 20 million people each month.  That’s 20 million patriots like you who have made The Scoop a movement that’s impossible to ignore.

We believe in the power of hope and optimism.  We can overcome the powerful forces that are determined to keep us all down.  This is a critical mission for us, but we can’t do it unless you, the American patriot, has our back.

Become an official The Scoop Patriot supporter today and help us keep doing the essential work we do to hold the global elites accountable.   With your generous financial support, you will help us continue to fight against political correctness.  And you will help us remind other American patriots that there are millions of us who still think this country is worth fighting for.

For as little as $1 per month, you can help ensure that The Scoop has the resources necessary to continue to fight for your voice.

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To put it simply: Welcome us into your life, and we will welcome you into ours.

Let’s save America together.

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Thank you and God Bless America.