Buyer’s Remorse, Minneapolis Police Defunding Scheme Backfires After Massive Increase In Crime

The Minneapolis city government backtracked on its plans to defund the city’s police department. The defunding effort was initially triggered by the George Floyd police custody death. Residents are begging the city government to hire more police officers due to longer wait times and an increase in violent crimes.

In response to public pressure, the City Council voted to approve over $6 million in police funding unanimously.

The Minneapolis Police Department stated that it has 638 active officers, about 200 fewer than usual. The shortage was partially caused by dozens of officers retiring or on extended medical leave following the Black Lives Matter riots.

The city predicts that it will up its numbers to 674 officers by the end of the year. It is currently vetting 28 potential officers in the hiring process, reported the Star Tribune.

Mayor Jacob Frey (D-Minneapolis, MN) stated on video that he would include updating the job application that screens potential officers whether they have experience in criminology, social work, psychology, or counseling. It would also ask applicants about their volunteer history.

Mayor Jacob Frey issued a statement saying, “(He) has heard community calling for safety services that go beyond policing. But he has not heard residents say we need to dilute accountability by having the head of public safety report to 14 elected officials with divergent opinions.”

Three City Council members have proposed reinventing the police department and replacing it with a Department of Public Safety. They claim that it would create a subdivision focusing on mental health and addiction.

Steeve Strange

Steeve is the CEO & Co-Founder of The Scoop.