California Recall Candidate Larry Elder Clarifies “There Were Shenanigans” In 2020 Election

California recall candidate Larry Elder is gaining attention in the news and social media after responding to questions whether or not Joe Biden ‘freely and fairly’ won the election and if he trusts in the integrity and validity of California’s election process in an interview with the Sacramento Bee last Thursday.

Many users online are jumping to conclusions and while there are others who are seeing deeper into Elder’s response being that he is simply ‘playing politics.’

Larry Elder is playing politics. Winning in a state like California is not possible without it,” one user wrote to Twitter.

“I like Larry elder but amount of y’all making up excuses for him about what he said about the election is concerning. I’ve watched y’all turn on mike pence and others for saying the same things. Keep y’all same energy,” RealBrysonGray shared to Twitter.

A twitter account shared Elder’s response, “I do believe that Joe Biden won the election fairly and squarely.”

Now that this video of Elder has been going viral and some people are sharing their outrage and concerns, Elder wanted to clarify the response he made about Biden and the 2020 Election.

1) Do I believe there were shenanigans in the 2020 presidential election? Yes. But it’s time to focus on retaking the White House in 2024. 2) When I become Governor there will be no face mask or vaccine mandates—any in place will be immediately revoked. #RecallGavinNewsom,” Larry Elder wrote to Twitter early Tuesday.

Watch: Full interview of Larry Elder on the Sacramento Bee explaining why he joined in the Recall Election:


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