Dan Crenshaw: Hold Democrats Accountable For Delaying Coronavirus Relief Bill!

Posted 3.25.2020 by Steeve Strange

Ex-Navy SEAL, Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) is asking for all of America to come together and hold the Democrats accountable for their partisan politics that is currently taking place.

The bipartisan coronavirus emergency bill has been torpedoed by the Democrats’ actions. Small businesses and struggling Americans who are in desperate need of a stimulus package are being adversely affected by these lunatic Democratic decisions.

Nancy Pelosi Stuffs Coronavirus Relief Bill With Tax Credits For Windmills And Other Far-Left Policies

The Coronavirus Bill would have been passed but Nancy Pelosi’s 11th-hour intervention has made things far more complicated. Her reasoning was not sound. She is looking to use the Coronavirus Bill to push her own agenda. The Democrats have a long wish list of various items that are not even related to the crisis.

They are looking to offer additional collective bargaining power to unions and push through some far-left Green New Deal policies, such as tax credits for windmills, inside the coronavirus relief bill. Crenshaw says that this political stunt cannot be forgotten. He took to Twitter and provided a series of tweets that were designed to offer further background on the situation.

“They have no good reasons.  Just partisanship.  Call your reps NOW.” tweeted Crenshaw.

Since the Coronavirus Bill is critical to the livelihood of so many Americans, these actions must be addressed. Crenshaw called upon his Twitter followers to contact their representatives and let them know that the Democrats need to be held accountable.

Democrats Block Coronavirus Bill That Provides Lifeline To Economy & Families

The coronavirus relief bill is all that is standing between the United States and a massive recession. The Democrats seem to be operating under the idea that there is going to be major damage done to the economy regardless. In their minds, the crisis is essentially little more than an opportunity to force their preferred legislation through the pipeline.

While Crenshaw was quick to let people know that he is not the sort of person who likes to rely on hyperbole, the Democrats’ behavior is “truly awful”. After the Republicans sat down to negotiate the coronavirus relief bill in good faith with the Democrats, they turned around and decided to pull a stunt like this.

Florida Man With Coronavirus Says Hydroxychloroquine Drug Touted By Trump Saved His Life

The Coronavirus Bill has the potential to save the national economy and tens of millions of jobs if the Democrats would simply allow it to go through. In the meantime, it has been killed out of their bitterness and spite. Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (Democrat-New York) is blaming the hold up on “inadequate protections”.

The economy is serving as the sacrificial lamb and the Democrats’ contempt for the working class has been placed on full display. Crenshaw also shared a thread that had been tweeted out by journalist Rachel Bovard. She was able to obtain a copy of the Pelosi bill, which stretches for 1,400 pages and contains all sorts of Democrat wish list items.

The thread is a must-read and Crenshaw is sharing the information with any American who would like to take a look. He is pulling back the curtain on the Democrats in the House and Senate, exposing their sickening need to push their own legislation in the midst of a national crisis.

America is being held hostage by the Democrats’ selfish desires and no citizen should be willing to accept these circumstances without a fight.

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