Democrat Leadership Failing San Diego As City Starts To Resemble San Francisco

A growing homeless encampment has been sighted in National City, located in South San Diego County. As the homeless crisis grows, the population is increasing due to the Biden-Harris migrant border crisis.

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City leaders say their ‘hands have been tied’ because of being in a pandemic in dealing with the homelessness, but a convention center will be opened for unaccompanied migrant children.

National City Mayor Sotelo-Solis wanted to make it clear that ‘it’s not illegal to be homeless. What is illegal is illegal dumping, illegal fires.’

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The former Mayor of National City said, “It doesn’t seem to be near as much enforcement. I don’t see too many too of much this up around La Jolla or Rancho Bernardo or anywhere.”

The now Democrat-majority San Diego County leadership is painting the situation as good for their constituents.

Supervisor Nathan Fletcher spoke in front of the convention center as an opportunity to speak out against the condition at the migrant detention centers.

I’ve been really struck by what I believe are inhumane conditions of these children in Border Patrol detention facilities. And the transition out of a detention facility to a health and human services facility, which is what this convention center will be, a place with trauma-informed care, with health care, with nutritious food, recreation, educational opportunities. For the short time that these children will be here,” Fletcher said.

The overwhelming majority of these children have a family member here in the United States and it is about providing a safe, compassionate place for them to get care while we connect them with their family members. I believe as a moral obligation in San Diego, we have to support. I appreciate the Biden administration, Secretary Xavier Becerra, the federal government saying this is our responsibility,” Fletcher continued.

White House Press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about former President Trump’s border wall progress and she had to admit that the Biden administration will be ongoing with border wall construction.

Psaki stated, “It is paused. There is some limited construction that has been funded and allocated for, but it is otherwise paused.”

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