Family Harassed Before Flight Over Baby Not Wearing Mask, Male Flight Attendant Kicked Off Plane

On Monday, A family was removed from a Spirit Airlines flight from Orlando to Atlantic City because of their 2-year-old daughter was not wearing a mask even though she was eating.

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According to the mask policy, ‘guests who choose not to comply with our face covering requirement will lose future flight privileges with Spirit. Children under the age of 2 years old are exempt. There may be other limited exceptions for a Guest with a disability recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) who meet certain criteria.’

‘Face coverings may be removed only while eating, drinking, or taking medication — when done eating, drinking, or taking medication, face coverings must be repositioned immediately,’ the airline’s policy reads.

One crew member approached the pregnant mother to tell them they were being non-compliant because of the mask and the pilot demanded for the family to leave the plane.

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There were other passengers sitting nearby who were pointing out to the flight attendant that there were other babies not wearing masks. They also pointed out that the little girl was eating yogurt while waiting for takeoff which is obvious to not wear a mask.

The couple believed that one flight attendant planned to make a scene before they even boarded the plane based on one woman’s observation.

A male flight attendant was kicked off the Spirit Airlines plane in Orlando after forcing all the passengers to deplane when the two-year-old girl would not wear a mask.

After all of the passengers were back at the gate, police officers were seen in another video escorting a male steward, who had a problem with the girl not wearing a mask being removed off the plane.

The male steward pictured below is the one who was escorted by police who had an issue with the toddler not wearing a mask.


Other videos show the family off the flight along with everyone else who was on the flight. Police were called and the flight attendant who ordered the family to be off the flight was removed and the family along with the rest of the passengers boarded again with a new flight crew.

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