Pewdiepie Says “F*ck” Racists And White Nationalists (VIDEO)

Posted 4.08.2019 by Steeve Strange

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Pewdiepie said “f*ck” racists and white nationalists in response to a petition that aims to ban Pewdiepie from YouTube.

Pewdiepie made the following statement in a YouTube video while reading from the page that seeks to ban him from YouTube:

Okay, so let’s check out this petition, ‘remove white supremacist content from YouTube.’ Yea, I agree! I think that’s good. I think it looks bad on everyone if there is white supremacist content on the platform and it could possibly lead to another Adpocalypse. So I will actually have to sign this petition and oh… it’s literally just calling to ban me from the website.  And, if just for the sake of just being ridiculously clear, at least in my opinion, f*ck anyone who is racist, f*ck anyone who is white nationalist. That is not what I’ve been about and what this channel has ever been about.

The petition to ban Pewdiepie from YouTube has reached 78,000 signatures on petition to ban Pewdiepie from YouTube

However, a counter-petition in support of Pewds has reached 7,000 signatures.

The counter-petition aims to remove the petition to ban Pewdiepie from


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