Rainn Wilson (Dwight From ‘The Office) Dissed Elon Musk After Musk Used His Idea

Posted 4.26.2019 by Cameron Shizznit

Elon Musk and Rainn Wilson, mostly known for his role as ‘Dwight’ on ‘The Office,’ are beefing on Twitter after Wilson called out Musk for not giving him credit for his idea of a “quiet electric leaf blower.”

Wilson tweeted at Musk earlier this week saying, “@elonmusk can u make a quiet electric leaf blower?”

The billionaire Tesla CEO then announced on Twitter a few days later that “Telsa is going to develop a quiet, electric leafblower.”

Musk even mentioned a potential name for his new quiet leaf blower, ‘Tesla blows.’

Musk also suggested that the leaf blower would be ‘sentient’ (which is lightweight creepy tbh).

The official Pornhub account even responded, asking Musk if Pornhub could collaborate with him on a potential ‘dual-purpose electric blower.’

Rainn Wilson then responded to Musk’s tweet by asking the Tesla CEO to give him ‘some credit’ for recommending the quiet electric leaf blower idea.

Musk, who never misses a good opportunity to troll on Twitter, replied to Wilson’s tweet with a simple ‘nope.’

From what it seems, the “beef” is all in good fun. Many Twitter users tweeted funny responses to the two of them, with one user suggesting that the leaf blower should ‘run on beets.’

Tesla just reported a massive $702 million loss for Q1 of 2019. Musk stated that he doesn’t expect Tesla to be profitable in Q2, either.

Who knows, maybe electric leaf blower sales could help make Tesla great again!


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