Tumblr To Ban All Pornographic Content From Its Site (VIDEO)

Posted 12.04.2018 by Steeve Strange

Tumblr has decided to ban porn from its site following a major child porn controversy.

Tumblr announced that photos, videos, and gifs of genitalia and female nipples will no longer be allowed on the blog site as of December 17th, 2018.

There are no shortage of sites on the internet that feature adult content.  We will leave it to them and focus our efforts on creating the most welcoming environment possible for our community.

Jeff D’Onofrio, CEO Tumblr

Tumblr has been known for years for the hyper-pornographic nature of a large portion of the content that is shared on the platform.

The decision comes weeks after Apple removed the Tumblr app from the App Store following the disturbing discovery of child porn on the blog site.

On the contrary, hardcore graphic porn can be easily found on Twitter daily.


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