UFC Superstar Conor McGregor Blows Up On Twitter Over Covid-19 and Vaccinations In Now Deleted Tweets

In a matter of minutes, Conor McGregor removed a tweet he published which sent a controversial message concerning the coronavirus pandemic and vaccinations.

The tweet was deleted quickly and only up for fifteen minutes.

McGregor, a typically very opinionated and controversial person has oddly enough kept his profile low since the pandemic began, offering no comments on COVID-19, social distancing, mandates, etc.

However, over the past two weeks, McGregor has very vocally expressed his opinions on Twitter. McGregor tore into the Irish government last week over their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

McGregor said in now-deleted tweets:
“For [Tánaiste of Ireland] Leo [Varadkar] to come out today on foreign soil, and directly blame the non-vaccinated, is the most divisive comment I’ve seen yet,” he stated earlier today.”

“It is neither the vaccinated, nor non vaccinated, nor any Irish citizen for that matter, that is responsible for this unpreparedness. It is government!”

“Ireland and its people, with its high vaccination rate, after enduring the longest lockdown in the free world, is not to blame for the undersupply of our healthcare system.”

“Those in government are! Almost three years to bolster this for our people, and nothing.”

“Ireland will rise!

McGregor’s recent tweet was focused only on vaccinations.

“The vaccines have not worked to stop this whatsoever,” McGregor said on Twitter. “More vaccinated than ever. More cases than ever. Reevaluate entirely. Stop taking handouts.”

Before McGregor’s tweet was taken down, it had received over 10,000 likes.

Numerous health organizations located all over the world agree that immunizations are intended to lower hospitalization rates rather than prevent you from acquiring the virus itself. However, vaccinations do not always prevent you from contracting the virus itself.

Even though Ireland has more than 90 percent of its eligible people completely vaccinated, rumors are circulating that the country may be placed under lockdown before Christmas.

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