(WATCH) Anti-Vaccine Group Storms COVID Testing Center In Protest (VIDEO)

Anti-vaccination protestors stormed into a test-and-trace facility in Milton Keynes, England on Wednesday. They were videoed shouting at employees and seemingly taking equipment at the facility.

As shown in a viral video on social media, a group of several dozen activists, led by former UK Independence Party candidate Jeff Wyatt, walked around a vaccination center encouraging people to not get a COVID vaccine while also criticizing BBC News.

Wyatt, an influential Conservative leader in the UK held a rally before the testing center protest. In a speech, he said there are “millions” of like-minded anti-vaccine demonstrators who have “woken up”.

Piers Corbyn, another anti-lockdown activist, and brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was not visible in the video, but he was spotted at other sites during the so-called Freedom Rally, including the invasion of the Milton Keynes Theatre.

Protesters were recorded marching towards the NHS test-and-trace center while a man speaking through a loudspeaker said that it was where the “vaccine rollout” was taking place.

In the background, protestors can be heard yelling “disgrace” and “shame on you.” Staffers at the facility can be seen rushing away from confrontation, taking shelter in office buildings.

Several videos show a lady holding up a sign that reads “Reclaim NHS, End Jab” before walking away with what looks to be testing equipment and paperwork in one of the tents. As she walks out from the testing facility, she is seen maskless, smiling at cameras.

Police in the Thames Valley confirmed that they were made aware of an anti-vaccination demonstration that took place in central Milton Keynes late on Wednesday afternoon.

The police said in a statement, “Where criminal offenses have been disclosed, we will take swift action and bring offenders to justice. If anyone has any information or wishes to report they can do by calling 101 or online quoting reference 604 29/12/2021.”

The demonstrators were branded as “dickheads” by the local Tory MP Ben Everitt, who asked anybody with knowledge to call the police.

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