(WATCH) Eric Adams Rides Subway To Work On First Day As NYC Mayor, Calls 911 To Report Assault (VIDEO)

Eric Adams, the newest mayor of New York City, rode the subway to City Hall for his first day of work. Adams was sworn in at the Times Square New Years’ Eve Ceremony.




During his commute, Adams, a former New York City police captain called 911 to report a fight going on near the subway station. Reporters and bystanders surrounded Adamas as he made the call.

61-year-old Adams is facing a large surge of COVID-19 related cases in the city as well as egregious amounts of crime.

During the NYE celebration, Adams took his oath of office to the assembled crowd. Adams was sworn in by Associate Justice Sylvia O. Hinds-Radix of the state Supreme Court’s appellate division as he laid one hand on a family Bible and the other on a portrait of his mother, Dorothy, who died in 2020.

After being sworn in, Adams made no remarks and didn’t answer any questions from reporters. However, he did appear on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest”.

Adams told Seacrest he had a few more parties to go to but assured he would “be up early in the morning, working for the city of New York.”

While waiting for his train, Adams witnessed two guys fighting on the pavement below the railway platform, with a third man attempting to break up the altercation and stop the fighting.

The new mayor dialed 911 to report “an assault in progress.” By the time two police patrol cars arrived, the brawl had come to an end and two of the fighters had fled. Officers talked with the remaining man but remained in their car, and Adams told reporters that if he had been the officer on the scene, he would have conducted a more thorough investigation.

Just before taking the oath, Adams stood briefly on the Times Square main stage to reaffirm the city’s resiliency and strength.

He said, “Even in the midst of COVID, in the midst of everything that we’re going through, this is a country where hope and opportunities is always, ever present.”

“It’s just great when New York shows the entire country of how we come back,” he said. “We showed the entire globe what we’re made of. We’re unbelievable. This is an unbelievable city and, trust me, we’re ready for a major comeback because this is New York.”

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