WATCH: Israeli Health Minister Admits The Truth We Already Knew About COVID Passports (VIDEO)

Nitzan Horowitz, Israel’s health minister, acknowledged that vaccination passports were mainly intended to coerce individuals who were dubious about the vaccine into getting it. He did so unaware that he was being recorded on a hot mic.

This is courtesy of Zero Hedge.

Unaware that his words were being broadcast live to the nation on Channel 12, Horowitz told Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked that not only should the green pass be removed as a requirement to dine at outdoor restaurants, but also, “For swimming pools, too, not just in restaurants.”
“Epidemiologically, it’s true,” said Horowitz, adding, “The thing is, I’m telling you, our problem is people who don’t get vaccinated. We need [to influence] them a bit; otherwise, we won’t get out of this [pandemic situation].”

Afterward, Horowitz admits that the system is not being enforced as intended.


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