WATCH: President Trump Becomes Visibly Emotional While Explaining His Decision To Pull U.S. Troops Out Of Syria

Posted 10.10.2019 by Steeve Strange

President Trump became visibly emotional while explaining his decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria.

Trump said that writing letters to the parents of soldiers who have been killed in battle is the most difficult part of his job as president.

“I will tell you the hardest thing I have to do by far, much harder than the witch hunt, is signing letters to parents of soldiers that have been killed. And it’s not only that, in areas where there’s not a lot of upside if there’s any upside at all, and in many cases there’s only downside.”

“The hardest thing I have to do is signing those letters. That’s the hardest thing I have to do. And each letter is different, we make each letter different. And last week I signed five of them for Afghanistan, one in Iraq, one in Syria from two weeks ago. And sometimes I call the parents, sometimes I see the parents. I go to Dover when I can but it’s so devastating for the parents that you know it’s so devastating. When they, when they bring that boy or young woman out of the back of those big powerful planes in a coffin and the parents are there.”

President Trump’s decision to fulfill his campaign promise to withdraw troops from Syria has received criticism from pro-war neocons and Democrats who love putting our brave servicemen and women in harm’s way for no apparent reason.

WATCH the video above to see Trump’s emotional speech.


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